The most important part of your trucks

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“The refinement of such a small part translates into improvements to the essence of all the truck is capable of.”Pete Connolly

This is a pivot cup. Almost every set of longboard and skateboard trucks on the market today has one.

Its job is simple: the hanger goes in the hole, and the pivot cup then goes into a larger diameter hole in the baseplate. The pivot cup thus allows the truck hanger and wheels to turn relative to the baseplate and deck.

This humble piece of urethane/rubber/plastic is the smallest part of your entire longboard – and it’s also arguably the most important of your whole setup.

The pivot cup is the thing that your truck does all its turning through. This is where the energy generated by you, the skater, meets the shocks, vibrations and forces generated by your wheels rolling over the ground.

A good pivot cup made from a strong, long-lasting material, made to precise tolerances, interacting with a well executed hanger pivot and baseplate, is essential to every longboard.

Simply put, the pivot is the heart of how your board skates. Skimp on the pivot, and the rest of the truck will be wasted.

Consequently, we have spent a disproportionate amount of time and resource over the years perfecting our pivot cups.

In the last ten years, we have tried several different materials, durometers, shapes, fits and tolerances.

We have tried hand pouring, gravity pouring and injection moulding. We’ve even CNC lathed and 3D printed protoypes.

We have invested thousands in several mouldsets over the years in search of a fit that’s absolutely perfect.

Too loose, and we’ll generate slop. Too tight, and the pivot binds, reducing smoothness and restricting lean.

Four custom mouldsets later, having experimented with multiple different durometers in at least six different materials, we’ve finally cracked it.

Our latest pivot cup effort is the direct result of all of these efforts.

It’s a perfect fit on all our cast and forged RKP trucks.

It’s made from polyurethane, way tougher, smoother and longer lasting than rubber or plastic.

It’s injection moulded, so every one is identical to a very fine tolerance.

The inner surface is smooth with no ribs, unlike some earlier iterations, for a clean, smooth surface.

The result is a smoother turn, better stability, more direct input, less slop and more lean than we’ve ever had from our trucks before.

Combined with our new bushing and washer spec, we think that we have now created some of the best feeling trucks on the market, anywhere.

Ride the best… the CNC pivot on our Forged Mk2 combined with our new pivot cup is the bomb!

Pete has been skating our new pivots for a little while now and has the following to share:

“I have been working with Sabre to refine their trucks over the years and have skated every increment of change there has been throughout the ranges.

Pivot cups have been a component that I have striven to improve with Sabre, as I find them intrinsic to the trucks’ performance.

At Kozakov this year I had the prototype of the highest quality pivot cups that Sabre have produced yet; injection moulded to a new precision mould, formed in a polyurethane. I am STOKED with these and with the combination of the new CNC pivot shape on the Mk2 Forged Hangers.

Footage courtesy of the International Downhill Federation.

The ride has tightened up accuracy in the steering, while travelling through its range of movement more fluidly.”

All our RKP trucks are now shipping with the new pivot as standard.

You can also buy our new pivot cups here.

Bushing Upgrade

Sabre Trucks


Our entire truck lineup just had a major overhaul in a very important area – bushings and washers.

We have been through every truck we produce and re-specced the whole lot with our much loved original Sabre Bushing Formula, poured in the USA to our own custom specifications.

One of the unique things about our trucks is the bushing height. We have used a slightly taller bushing than most other trucks on both top and bottom bushings since our first truck protoypes 2008.

From left to right:

Key Brand Top Height Bottom Height Total Stack
A Randal Copy 11mm 14mm 25mm
B Paris Copy 10mm 16mm 26mm
C Mindless Talisman 2 13mm 16mm 29mm
D Paris V2 15mm 15mm 30mm
E Caliber (Blood Orange)* 15.5mm 15.5mm 31mm
F Sabre Carve 16mm 16mm 32mm
G Sabre Speed 16mm 16mm 32mm
F Venom Tall** 20mm 20mm 40mm

*Same height as Riptide, Venom, Bear Grizzly
**Same height as Ronin, Bear Kodiak

Why make this comparison?

Well, a taller bushing allows a truck to lean and turn more.

You’ll notice that the cheaper, no-brand “copy” trucks in this lineup (A,B) are a lot smaller. Less urethane restricts the truck and, as a result, these cheaper trucks don’t turn and lean as well.

So is taller always better?

We believe that it’s possible to go too far.

Yes, a super tall bushing, like the gigantic 20mm Venom Tall (F) allows the truck to lean a lot more.

But it also introduces a lot more slop.

This is fine on a truck like a Ronin with the extra support pin, or even a Rogue with it’s insert bushing. But put too tall a bushing in a regular RKP truck, and the result is imprecise and sloppy.

Over the years the “standard” has coalesced around 15.5mm – 0.6″. We’ve gone slightly bigger than this – 16mm.

This is a subtle difference, but combined with our angle and rake geometry choices, it’s one of the reasons that our trucks tend to lean just a bit more than a lot of the other longboard trucks out there.

The other thing you might notice about this picture is that not all bushings sets are symmetrical – eg the MIndless Talisman is 13mm on the top, and 16mm in the bottom.

Asymmetrical bushing setups do two things: Firstly, the shorter top bushing restricts the truck – which we don’t want. Secondly, it means that you have to buy twice as many bushings if you want to change anything.

With symmetrical bushings, you are free to use your top bushings in the bottom. So for example – if you have a set of Sabre Forged Precision Freeride Trucks and you wanted them to be more stable, you could buy a single pair of H-Type 96A Barrels and put them on the bottom, then put the R-type Barrels you already have on the top.

See what we did there?

The result is a simpler, cheaper way to tune your trucks to exactly how you want them.

But, we hear you cry, does this mean that we can’t use Sabre bushings in our Calibers, Paris or Bear Trucks? And can I not put Venom or Riptide aftermarket bushings in my Sabres?

Well yes, of course you can. It’s only 0.5mm difference. If you change the top and the bottom at the same time, you may alter the bushing preload slightly, and you may change the truck angle.

If you’re going to use another brand bushing in your Sabres, it’s a good idea to use a washer on the bottom bushing to compensate for the slightly lower height.


At the same time as this bushings change, we have introduced a more conventional washer setup. 

All our trucks now come with thick steel, full capture cup washers top and bottom. This holds on to the bushing way more than the flat washers we used previously, and really brings the trucks to life.

It allows you to set your trucks up looser for more turn, with less fear of wheelbite.

At the race/downhill end of things, cupped washers combined with double barrels allow more control and stability as the bushing is held in place on the kingpin throughout the turn.

This also adds a small level of preload to your bushings, which gives even more return to center (rebound) than before. Our urethane formula seems to react well to a bit of preload – but if you don’t like it, it’s super easy to remove the bottom washer for less capture.

It’s a small detail, but this new bushing and washer setup has transformed our stock trucks. Sabres now skate better straight out of the box than ever before. Try some today and you’ll see what we mean…

If you already own some of our trucks and want to follow us with this upgrade, it’s super easy to just buy a Sabre Bushing Kit, which comes with all the bushings and washers you’ll need for a pair of trucks.

Check out our Truck Setup Guide for further info!

The Next Generation

Sabre Trucks


Longboarding is always moving forwards.

Skaters learn to hit higher speeds, better lines, brake later, land harder.

It’s clear to us that it’s not enough just to keep up with the stresses that skaters put through their trucks.

We need to go further and create product that can withstand and enhance tomorrow’s skating.

It’s for this reason that  we are always looking for new ways to improve our trucks.

We have several projects in development at the moment. Some of them might not make it to production, at least not in the form you see them here.

A few of our team riders are currently testing variations on the Forged Mk2 trucks. Narrower hanger widths, adjustable axle studs, insert bushings, split baseplate angles, and tougher, more precise steel axles are just some of the things we’re working on.

All of these ideas seemed good enough on paper. But on paper isn’t good enough – we want our trucks to be able to withstand all the knocks, stresses, dirt and grime that the real world throws at them.

We never stand still… watch this space for more updates!

Mk2 Testing – Jooz

Sabre Trucks


Teamrider Josh Hughes has been skating our Forged Precision Race Trucks for a little under two years.

He is extremely picky about hanger straightness – if it’s not straight, it’s off his board in a flash.

This is a shame, as he also likes to jump down stairs and grind stuff.

He is still skating the same set of trucks after all this time.

When we say we test stuff… we really test it!

Click here to check out how we design our trucks.

Click here to check out the Forged Precision Race trucks.

Forged Mk2 is here!

Sabre Trucks


We are proud to finally introduce the second iteration of our Forged Trucks!

The Forged Precision Race and Forged Precision Freeride trucks are available now.

Both use the new Mk2 Forged Hanger, which improves on the original Sabre Forged Hanger (which was the world’s first forged longboard hanger) in two key areas:

1 – Strength.

The Mk2 Hanger is 90% stiffer than Mk1.

That’s almost double the stiffness. Which means it’s basically twice as hard to bend.

We’ve put a lot of road miles in on Mk1. We’ve bent a few sets via some destruction testing in the workshop. And we’ve run the hanger through some extensive FEA  (finite element analysis) in CAD software.

Using all this info, we’ve added a mere 20 grams of 6061 Aluminium to the hanger body, and almost doubled its strength.

Increasing the stiffness does more than improving durability. A stiffer hanger flexes less under your weight and force input, which translates to better response and tracking at speed.

If you managed to bend a set of Mk1’s,  this is the solution you have been waiting for.

2 – The Pivot

The Mk2 Forged Hanger sees a very subtly redesigned pivot shape.

Several of us – most notably Jorge and Pete – have found the old Mk1 Pivot a little tricky to set up at times. The Mk1 pivot had a draft on it – that is to say, it was 0.5mm wider at the base, and narrower at the tip.

This meant that under pressure at higher speeds, the Mk1 pivot sometimes suffered from pivot “binding”, as the hanger pivot was not free to turn as smoothly in the pivot cup.

The new Mk2 hanger sees a switch to a totally cylindrical pivot body. This keeps the pivot moving smoothly in the pivot cup at all times, not matter how much vertical or sideload is put through the truck by an aggressive skater.

The new Mk2 pivot is compatible with all previous baseplates and pivot cups – it just turns better.

Mk2 Forged Baseplate

In addition to these hanger changes, we’ve also made a change to the kingpin an kingpin interface of the MK2 Forged 38 Degree Race Baseplate.

Mk1 was a splined kingpin. Mk2 is a precision-fit “bolt style” kingpin.

The new design of baseplate supports the kingpin with almost double the surface area compared to the old design. It’s also not relying on splines to keep everything steady.

This means that Mk2 is far less prone to developing kingpin wobble, which can lead to a snapped kingpin. It also means that you can replace the new kingpins way easier with pretty much any standard 3/8ths UNC bolt you desire, as long as it’s long enough.

We’ve been shipping the Mk2 baseplate for some time now, but now it’s finally built into a truck “officially,” it makes sense to highlight the change we’ve made.

Ten Years…

The Mk2 is the result of a hell of a lot of skating and engineering. 2018 is our tenth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to bring you our most refined trucks to date.

More info on the trucks here:

Forged Precision Race

Forged Precision Freeride trucks 

Mk2 Forged Hanger

Mk2 Forged 38 Baseplate

Watch this space for more updates soon!

New longboard bushing kits!

Sabre Trucks


Buying bushings is a bit of a minefield.

You have to balance your riding style, how you want your board to feel, your weight and what kind of trucks your longboard has in order to pick the right bushings for your trucks.

In an effort to make things easier for you, we’ve added Sabre Longboard Bushing Kits to our bushing range.

Each Kit contains enough bushings for your board – that’s four bushings – and also includes four washers of the appropriate size.

To make things as simple as possible, we’ve split the bushing kits into SuperCarve, Carve and Speed Kits.

The SuperCarve Bushing Kit contains two sets of Cone Bushings, for maximum lean and turn. If you want to get more turn out of your longboard trucks, this is the place to go.

The Carve Bushing Kit contains two Barrel Bushings, and two Cone Bushings, allowing you to run a more standard setup in you trucks. A Cone on the top (roadside) and a Barrel on the bottom (boardside) will give you a turny, responsive ride, that’s also able to hold a bit of speed if you want. Most longboard trucks come set up this way, so the Carve kit is the best way to upgrade your trucks to the premium Sabre Bushing formula.

The Speed Bushing Kit consists of four Barrel Bushings and four Cup Washers to fit them. By pouring our renowned bushing formula in a barrel shape and capturing it in a cup washer, you can dial your trucks in for high speed stability with excellent response and lean when you need it.

Once you’ve chosen your Kit, you can select your durometer to match your preferred riding style and weight.

You can still buy our bushings in pairs as before – click here to see the whole longboard bushing lineup!

The fastest trucks in the world…

Sabre Trucks


UK Teamrider Pete Connolly is the first person to go over 90MPH on a skateboard in history.

This clip shows a morning warm up run, trying out the new line that enabled him to clock a new world speed record of 91mph / 146kph.

Pete has been instrumental in the development of Sabre trucks from the beginning.

He smashed the previous speed record on a pair of Sabre Forged MK2 Race trucks, which have been in development and testing for some time now.

Watch this space for updates on these trucks… soon…

In the meantime, check out L’Ultime Descente for more crazy speeds!

Longboard Bushing Footstops – Available Now

Sabre Trucks


The best ideas are always simple and effective.

A lot of pro downhill and freeride skaters use footstops, primarily to keep their front foot on the deck during high-speed toeside slides, or to provide a location point in tuck.

We’ve put together a kit that allows you to make a simple footstop from one of our longboard bushings.

Like deck concave, footstops are a very personal thing. With that in mind, you have three shape options from our footstops, based on the shape of our bushings – Cone, Barrel or Kingcone.

The Cone, run upside-down, is the smallest but also the most aggressive shape, as you can wedge your foot in underneath the footstop.

The Barrel is a standard shape, easy enough to locate, giving a little extra traction just where you need it most.

The Kingcone is the biggest shape, offering a footstop that’s easy to find, and easy to “escape” from if you need to bail.

We’re not claiming to have reinvented the wheel or anything here – just created a cheap, simple and effective product that makes a real difference to the things you can do on your longboard.

Choose your footstop shape here…

Longboard chilling in the south of France.

Sabre Trucks


Check out this edit  Sabre team rider Fayah Bob with  his Sabre cast precision 170’s and his  bro Lucas Poulain in the south of France on this super fun spot chilling together while the sun rises. These buddies have been skating together for over 5 years and you can feel it in their skating, close and fast.


Jorge Pernes – Welcome to the team

Sabre Trucks


We are stoked to announce that we have just added Portuguese ripper Jorge Pernes to the Sabre Trucks team. Anyone that knows or has seen Jorge skate knows he is a total shredder,  with a full all-out balls to the wall approach to DH skating.  He is hooked on the Forged 38 Baseplate combined  the Forged Precision 170mm Hanger, the perfect combo for holding grip in high speed sweepers. Low Angle = Mega Lean!!

Joachpass with Matt Elver

Sabre Trucks


Matt has been having a great year with his Forged Precision Sabres. His focus has shifted from racing and competing to just getting out to free skate as much as possible. This has given him the opportunity to go to some awesome freerides. He told us hitting Joachpass was a long time dream…one that he has now realised. Why was it such a dream spot well  it’s 7km long and 104 corners you do the maths. Watch the edit to see just how much fun it was.


Sabre Trucks


“Let’s go back one more time and show them what we’re capable of. We have to end it on our own terms… With a grand gesture. Flames. Sacrifice. Icarus. You can do it. You hear me? You are….. Boardmen.”

Pierre Hardillier on Sabre Forged Precision, enjoys a local mountain pass with his friends…