My trucks turn too much/not enough. Help!

Every skater and every setup is different. Therefore it is too much to expect a set of trucks to be perfect out of the box! You can dramatically change the way your trucks skate by changing the bushings and kingpin tension. Check out our truck setup guides to help you dial your ride in.

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Are Sabres guaranteed?

We do not offer an unconditional guarantee on our trucks and bushings – with a return rate of less than 0.01% since the first casting in 2009, we don’t have a point to make. However if you have a problem with any of our products, or simply have some feedback that you think we need to hear, please contact us with details and quality photos of your issue.

We stand by our products 100%, but our goal is to make trucks that are good enough in the first place, rather than a substandard product and back it up with a lifetime warranty.

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Why do you use press-in kingpins?

Our splined kingpins are pressed into the baseplate with a hydraulic ram. The main reason for this is to prevent any slop forming over the lifetime of the baseplate, a common problem with the “drop-in” kingpin design used by other trucks. The only real advantage that we can see of a “drop-in” kingpin is easy replacement to allow for taller bushings – and we’ve negated the need for that by designing ALL our baseplates to allow 16mm bushings top and bottom from the outset. If you need to replace your kingpin for any reason, you can remove them with a bench vice and a hammer.

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Can I change the axle studs on my Sabre Forged Precision Hangers?

Our axle studs are installed by us using a very high-grade of threadlocker and tightened to specific tolerances to prevent unscrewing in use. They are not designed or intended to be removed or changed. We do not recommend that you attempt to do this! As such we cannot replace any hangers or trucks that have have had their studs removed or changed, and we cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries that may result from removing or changing your axle studs.

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Can I run other bushings in my Sabres?

Yes. All our trucks take the 16mm/0.6″ tall, 25mm/0.975″ wide barrel, cone and “eliminator” shapes. You should be able to run most other brands in our trucks with no problems.

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Can I run Sabres dropped-through?

Generally speaking, yes. It depends on the deck, as different manufacturers have different tolerances and drop-through designs. The Sabre 48, 45 and 38 degree baseplates are designed to fit as many deck brands as possible, we deliberately left any buttresses or external support off for maximum compatibility. As long as your deck’s drop-through mount is 28mm wide or wider, it will fit fine. Check before you buy!

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Will you sponsor me?

Skate and have fun, we will find you…

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I am a shop or distributor and I want to stock Sabre – help!

We have distribution worldwide. Email or call us and we will get our products to you!!

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Can I have some free stickers?

Yes!!!! Send us an S.A.S.E, we will fill it up with stickers and send it back to you!
Don’t know what an S.A.S.E is? Click here!

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