Our first trucks…

Sabre Trucks


After over two years of development and testing, out first longboard trucks are finally available!

Truck Specifications:

190mm Hanger Width. We are the first longboard truck company to offer a cast hanger this wide.

45 Degree Baseplate Angle. Slacker than all other cast trucks on the market right now, we believe 45 degree baseplate angle to be the sweet spot for all kinds of longboarding. Turny enough for cruising, but stable enough for freeride and even downhill, lower angle trucks are the future!

Gravity Casting. Significantly stronger and stiffer than a die cast or “injection molded” truck, Gravity Casting allows us to make a stronger truck, lighter. We don’t like bent axles – this is the best way we’ve found of making cast trucks super-strong. We’ll be heat-treating our hangers and axles too for extra strength.

Flippable hanger. With 4.5mm of rake, you can flip the hanger for more stability at speed. Leave the hanger with positive rake for a divey turn and more grip.

Light Weight. At 470 grams per truck, this is one of the lightest trucks out there right now.

Taller bushings. We use full-height 16mm bushings top and bottom. Most other trucks out there use a 16mm on the bottom, and a 14mm on the top. Using more urethane allows for a deeper turn and more freedom to move. Having the same height bushing top and bottom allows you to switch your bushings around, giving you more tunability and a simplified bushing choice.

Aftermarket bushings as standard. Sabre bushings have been out for a few months now, and are rapidly developing a cult following. We’re the first longboard truck company in the world to step up and put high-spec aftermarket longboard bushings in our trucks – as standard. Too many trucks are let down by crappy stock bushings. Sabres come with the real deal, straight of of the box.

Tested and proven. We’re not happy with designing a truck on paper and going straight to market. So we CNC’d some trucks to skate before we went to mold production.

By CNC’ing the exact shape of the hanger from our production design, we were able to test the strength, bushing seat and geometry of our trucks for months before release. These trucks have been skated in the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland on open roads and IGSA courses. They’re solid and we know you’ll be stoked on them!

Sabre Longboard Trucks are available now from our website now  and good skate shops everywhere!


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