Longboard Footstop

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Product Details

  • Choose your size and shape
  • Stainless hardware
  • Works with a regular skate tool

A super simple longboard footstop solution!

Using an extra-long stainless steel skate bolt, a washer, an ABS insert and a Sabre Bushing, this kit allows you to make a small footstop – just enough to give you a little extra leverage and a location point on your freeride or downhill setup.

You can choose from our Cone, Barrel or Kingcone shapes to create the board feel you are looking for. We recommend the Cone for maximum foot lock, the Kingcone for a bigger toestop that’s easier to escape from, and the Barrel for something in between.

You can either replace one of your front truck bolts with the longer bolt suppled, or you can drill a new hole in your deck to place the footstop eactly where you want it.

A lot of pro downhill skaters use something like this – it’s very effective, cheap and easy to setup.

Comes with everything you need:

1x 2″ stainless steel skate bolt and nut – imperial thread, compatible with all skate tools
1x Sabre Bushing of your choice
1x ABS insert
1x Top Washer
1x Sabre Sticker