The Cutting Edge.

The first prototype Sabre truck hit the streets back in 2008. From the beginning, we have made it our mission to think outside the box to improve and enhance longboard trucks. We have bought new technologies and ideas to the table, refusing to follow the “industry standard.” We know that every skater wants different things from their trucks, and we have made it our goal to give the skater as much tuning ability as we can with our trucks, including geometry, wheelbase and bushing seat possibilities.

Many of the features that are now standard and taken for granted on other longboard trucks, appeared on Sabres first. They include:

  • The first to use Cold Forging to produce true precision longboard trucks – stronger and more precise than Casting, but lighter and more affordable than CNC
  • The first truck company to use aftermarket-formula bushings and pivot cups as standard – why upgrade when you can have perfection straight out of the box?
  • The first truck company to offer a choice of rake to the skater, allowing greater tuning potential to the individual taste
  • The first trucks to come standard with 16mm tall bushings top AND bottom, and the first to build standard trucks with two barrel bushings, giving a much smoother turn and easier mixing of bushing durometers
  • The first cast trucks to come with eight-hole baseplateschoose your wheelbase on any deck
  • The first TKP or “Street” truck designed specifically for longboard use, with a slacker geometry, tall bushings, multi-hole baseplates, and widths from 127mm up to 180mm
  • The first to produce a cast truck wider than 185mm, bringing choice where there was very little before
  • The first to use hollow kingpins and axles in a cast truck, reducing weight without affecting strength

If you choose Sabre, you can rest assured that you are choosing product that has truly been designed from the ground up and perfected over many years of longboarding. We hope you enjoy the ride…

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