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Sabre Longboard Trucks UK
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by Feyd on Sabre Longboard Trucks UK

I got myself a pair of the Sabre 170 TKP's and chucked em on my pool board. I ride it in bowls and miniramp mainly.

Gotta say the Sabres are really doing it for me right now. Once I had a little tweak and switched out the stock bushings for some green sabre barrels at the baseplate with no washer and orange cones on top with a flat washer they are banging. They have what I can only describe as a more progressive turn than my Indy's (my only point of refernce in TKP land) and a plenty of lean too. In my book all good.

Grinding - I was tempted to knock out the longer kingpin and switch to a shorter one and smaller bushings. But then I though screw that I like them the way they are ...the extra bushing squidge is rad I wanna keep that feeling. They grind real nice actually. I occasionally hit the kingpin now and then but to be honest I barely even notice it when I do and it doesn't mess with my grind.

A feature I really like is the double drilling on the baseplate so you can adjust your wheelbase. This means I can start looking at some boards I would normally ignore because of the wheelbase. Not a game changer when looking for a truck but certainly a nice feature.

My passing thought on these trucks is that they feel like they have been designed with longboarders in mind and putting what is important to them first. I would certainly be a lot more confident hauling ass on these than I would an Indy for instance. Inversely I don't think the Sabre TKP will have hardcore popsicle skaters ditching their Indy's to pick up Sabres ....but hey I get the feeling that isn't what Sabre were shooting for here. If you longboard and you are looking for a TKP that will suit you .... I highly recommend you give these a try.

I am that happy I am gunna pick up a set of the 180's later this month and chuck em on my freeride setup. Normally always rock RKP's but figured these could be fun.If I don't like it...I'll just chuck em on my 10" Skull Skates coz I know they will be sick on that.

Product Details

  • Second generation Sabre Street Trucks
  • Perfect for street, cruising, pools, hills and hybrid doublekick setups
  • 127, 153, 170 and 180mm hanger widths with laser etched marking
  • Loads of grind clearance
  • Lighter, more compact baseplate
  • 55mm Axle Height
  • New-school and old-school drill patten
  • Hardened 4130 Cro-Mo Solid steel axle and Grade 8 kingpin
  • Taller 16mm (Sabre standard) cone or barrel bottom bushing for extra turn and dive
  • 153, 170 and 180mm with H-Type 96A Barrel and Street Cone Bushings
  • 127mm with R-Type 93A Barrel and Street Cone Bushings

Our second generation Street Truck is perfect for all kinds of skateboards and shorter longboards!

We took our Gen 1 Street Trucks and made a ton of improvements to the geometry, bushing and washer configuration, pivot cup, baseplate and finish.

The result is a truck with more turn, more control, easier tuning, better bushing compatability, lighter weight and better grind clearance.

Sabre Street Trucks now feature a different pivot cup to our Standard Longboard Trucks, allowing more hanger movement for maximum turn and dive.

The kingpin length is also shorter to give better grind clearance, and we’re using a shorter Street Cone top bushing (10.5mm) with a custom-fit cup washer. This helps prevent wheelbite and gives you lots of hanger to grind on without worrying about kingpin snags.

The bottom bushing is the same height as our Standard Longboard Trucks at 16mm, giving you access to our entire bushing lineup for the bushing that does the bulk of the work. Most street trucks on the market use a 14 or 15mm bottom bushing – our choice of a full-sized 16mm bushing gives more turn and lean in comparison. We ship these trucks with Barrel bushings, but you could switch to a Cone for more dive and turn if you need it.

The baseplate is lighter and a shorter, more compact shape to help with grinds, drilled old-school and new school. It’ll fit regular shockpads or angled risers no problem.

Perfect for your street setup, cruiser or shorter longboard, available in four different widths whatever you’re running.