Sabre Longboard Trucks

We are a longboard truck manufacturer from the UK.

Unsatisfied with other trucks on the market, we have been casting and forging trucks since 2008.

We use a wide variety of manufacturing techniques combined with rider-driven design to bring you the finest longboard trucks available. You can check out our selection of trucks here.

We have brought a number of innovations to the longboard truck world, that you now see many other companies offering including:

  • The world’s first fully forged longboard truck
  • The first longboard truck company to use aftermarket bushings and pivot cups as standard on all our trucks
  • The first longboard truck to offer a choice of axle rake
  • The first trucks to come standard with 16mm tall bushings top and bottom, and the first to set stock trucks up with “double barrel” (a barrel bushing top and bottom) as standard
  • The first cast longboard trucks to offer eight hole baseplates for wheelbase adjustment
  • The first “street” (or “TKP”) truck to be designed specifically for longboarding, utilising a slacker geometry, taller bushings, multi-hole baseplates and a choice of widths
  • The first longboard truck company to offer hollow axles and kingpins as an option on our trucks

We always look to bring something new to the table whenever we design anything. You can read more of our truck design process here.

Our team help us push the boundaries of longboard truck design – both technically, from an engineering standpoint, and in the quest for unlocking ultimate board feel. Some of our design decisions may appear unorthodox – that’s because we approach things from a skater’s perspective.

Welcome to Sabre Trucks – The Cutting Edge.

Latest News

The most important part of your trucks


“The refinement of such a small part translates into improvements to the essence of all the truck is capable of.” – Pete Connolly This is a pivot cup. Almost every set of longboard and skateboard trucks on the market today has one. Its job is simple: the hanger goes in the hole, and the pivot cup then […]

Bushing Upgrade


Our entire truck lineup just had a major overhaul in a very important area – bushings and washers. We have been through every truck we produce and re-specced the whole lot with our much loved original Sabre Bushing Formula, poured in the USA to our own custom specifications. One of the unique things about our […]

The Next Generation


Longboarding is always moving forwards. Skaters learn to hit higher speeds, better lines, brake later, land harder. It’s clear to us that it’s not enough just to keep up with the stresses that skaters put through their trucks. We need to go further and create product that can withstand and enhance tomorrow’s skating. It’s for […]