The Next Generation

Sabre Trucks


Longboarding is always moving forwards.

Skaters learn to hit higher speeds, better lines, brake later, land harder.

It’s clear to us that it’s not enough just to keep up with the stresses that skaters put through their trucks.

We need to go further and create product that can withstand and enhance tomorrow’s skating.

It’s for this reason that  we are always looking for new ways to improve our trucks.

We have several projects in development at the moment. Some of them might not make it to production, at least not in the form you see them here.

A few of our team riders are currently testing variations on the Forged Mk2 trucks. Narrower hanger widths, adjustable axle studs, insert bushings, split baseplate angles, and tougher, more precise steel axles are just some of the things we’re working on.

All of these ideas seemed good enough on paper. But on paper isn’t good enough – we want our trucks to be able to withstand all the knocks, stresses, dirt and grime that the real world throws at them.

We never stand still… watch this space for more updates!

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