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“The refinement of such a small part translates into improvements to the essence of all the truck is capable of.”Pete Connolly

This is a pivot cup. Almost every set of longboard and skateboard trucks on the market today has one.

Its job is simple: the hanger goes in the hole, and the pivot cup then goes into a larger diameter hole in the baseplate. The pivot cup thus allows the truck hanger and wheels to turn relative to the baseplate and deck.

This humble piece of urethane/rubber/plastic is the smallest part of your entire longboard – and it’s also arguably the most important of your whole setup.

The pivot cup is the thing that your truck does all its turning through. This is where the energy generated by you, the skater, meets the shocks, vibrations and forces generated by your wheels rolling over the ground.

A good pivot cup made from a strong, long-lasting material, made to precise tolerances, interacting with a well executed hanger pivot and baseplate, is essential to every longboard.

Simply put, the pivot is the heart of how your board skates. Skimp on the pivot, and the rest of the truck will be wasted.

Consequently, we have spent a disproportionate amount of time and resource over the years perfecting our pivot cups.

In the last ten years, we have tried several different materials, durometers, shapes, fits and tolerances.

We have tried hand pouring, gravity pouring and injection moulding. We’ve even CNC lathed and 3D printed protoypes.

We have invested thousands in several mouldsets over the years in search of a fit that’s absolutely perfect.

Too loose, and we’ll generate slop. Too tight, and the pivot binds, reducing smoothness and restricting lean.

Four custom mouldsets later, having experimented with multiple different durometers in at least six different materials, we’ve finally cracked it.

Our latest pivot cup effort is the direct result of all of these efforts.

It’s a perfect fit on all our cast and forged RKP trucks.

It’s made from polyurethane, way tougher, smoother and longer lasting than rubber or plastic.

It’s injection moulded, so every one is identical to a very fine tolerance.

The inner surface is smooth with no ribs, unlike some earlier iterations, for a clean, smooth surface.

The result is a smoother turn, better stability, more direct input, less slop and more lean than we’ve ever had from our trucks before.

Combined with our new bushing and washer spec, we think that we have now created some of the best feeling trucks on the market, anywhere.

Ride the best… the CNC pivot on our Forged Mk2 combined with our new pivot cup is the bomb!

Pete has been skating our new pivots for a little while now and has the following to share:

“I have been working with Sabre to refine their trucks over the years and have skated every increment of change there has been throughout the ranges.

Pivot cups have been a component that I have striven to improve with Sabre, as I find them intrinsic to the trucks’ performance.

At Kozakov this year I had the prototype of the highest quality pivot cups that Sabre have produced yet; injection moulded to a new precision mould, formed in a polyurethane. I am STOKED with these and with the combination of the new CNC pivot shape on the Mk2 Forged Hangers.

Footage courtesy of the International Downhill Federation.

The ride has tightened up accuracy in the steering, while travelling through its range of movement more fluidly.”

All our RKP trucks are now shipping with the new pivot as standard.

You can also buy our new pivot cups here.

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