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Sabre Longboard Trucks UK
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Product Details

  • A huge selection of bushings, washers, nuts and speed rings to make your trucks feel fresh again
  • Box of 32 bushings at four duros: 86A, 90A, 93A and 96A
  • Enough washers for four setups (8 trucks)
  • Enough nuts and speed rings for four trucks
  • Two pairs of the new improved Sabre Pivot Cups
  • Handy box keeps everything tidy in your skate bag!

Want to give your trucks a spruce up?

Our Truck Service Box has everything you need to get everything in tip-top shape.

Containing a whopping 32 bushings in four duros and two shapes, there’s enough urethane options to keep even the most avid truck tweaker happy.

Not only that, but there’s a full set of Axle Nuts, Kingpin Nuts and Speed rings for two pairs of trucks.

All of that will work with pretty much any cast or precision truck on the market – but Sabre riders get an extra bonus in the four Pivot Cups that are in the box to. These are the new, upgraded pivots, which make a huge difference to the turn performance of all our trucks.

Each Truck Service Box contains:

  • 4x X-Type 86A Cone Bushings
  • 4x X-Type 86A Barrel Bushings
  • 4x F-Type 90A Cone Bushings
  • 4x F-Type 90A Barrel Bushings
  • 4x R-Type 93A Cone Bushings
  • 4x R-Type 93A Barrel Bushings
  • 4x H-Type 96A Cone Bushings
  • 4x H-Type 96A Barrel Bushings
  • 8x Cone Cup Washers
  • 8x Barrel Cup Washers
  • 4x Kingpin Nut
  • 8x Axle Nut
  • 16x Speed Rings
  • 4x Sabre Pivot Cups
  • A sticker

This represents seriously good value, even better than our Bushing Boxes. Well worth it if you have a few setups, or you just want to score a whole ton of bushings for way less!

For loads more additional info on how to choose bushings and dial in your trucks for the perfect ride, check out our longboard bushing and truck setup guide.