Skate Bearing Lube

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Sabre Longboard Trucks UK
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Product Details

  • Supreme performance hydraulic oil-based grease
  • High film-strength protection
  • Antiwear technology
  • Repels water and dirt
  • Degrease bearing prior to application
  • Use regularly for best results

This is the stuff you need to keep your skate bearings running smooth.

Our high-speed bearing lubricant is specially formulated to help you get as much speed as possible from your bearings, whilst simultaneously increasing bearing life.

Sabre Bearing Lube leaves a molecule-thick, super slippery protective layer on every ball and both races, protecting and lubricating at the same time.

Not only that, but it also acts to repel water and dirt, keeping your bearings fresher for longer.

We recommend that you re-lube your bearings regularly for best performance and longer life.

Use 1-2 drops per ball, and apply only to a fully degreased and cleaned bearing. More info here.