Built-In Labyrinth Bearings

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Sabre Longboard Trucks UK
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Product Details

  • Self-aligning skateboard bearings
  • Built-in bearing spacers and speed rings
  • Faster roll speed & longer bearing life
  • Single-sided rubber labyrinth shields
  • No internal shield for easier cleaning

The new standard longboard bearing.

Built-in bearing spacers and speed rings have several advantages over regular skate bearings.

The most obvious is less stuff to loose – especially when changing wheels. Fed up of loosing those tiny speed rings every time you take your wheels off? Or how about eternally jiggling your assembled wheels and bearings to get the spacer to line up with the bearing to you can slide the whole lot on your axle? No more with these – everything just locks together.

By building in the spacer and speed rings we also generate some real performance advantages. The bearings are better aligned, which means that they roll faster and last longer. As the whole bearing/spacer/speed ring assembly is a single unit, these bearings are much less prone to noise and chatter whilst sliding, and generally resist side-loads a lot better.

We use a removable rubber labyrinth shield to protect the seven precision steel balls, ground to an ABEC 7 standard. For us, the labyrinth shield is the most important part of this bearing – it’s all very well having a high level of finish on the races, balls and cages, all of that is wasted the moment a bit of grit or mud gets in there. A labyrinth shield allows relatively friction-free shielding, keeping the dirt out and the roll speed high.

We only use a shield one the outside of the bearing to allow easier access for cleaning. You can remove the outer shield, but it’s a delicate process and it’s best to leave it in place if you can.

Comes as a set of eight bearings, packaged in a tube with a sticker.