New longboard bushing kits!

Sabre Trucks


Buying bushings is a bit of a minefield.

You have to balance your riding style, how you want your board to feel, your weight and what kind of trucks your longboard has in order to pick the right bushings for your trucks.

In an effort to make things easier for you, we’ve added Sabre Longboard Bushing Kits to our bushing range.

Each Kit contains enough bushings for your board – that’s four bushings – and also includes four washers of the appropriate size.

To make things as simple as possible, we’ve split the bushing kits into SuperCarve, Carve and Speed Kits.

The SuperCarve Bushing Kit contains two sets of Cone Bushings, for maximum lean and turn. If you want to get more turn out of your longboard trucks, this is the place to go.

The Carve Bushing Kit contains two Barrel Bushings, and two Cone Bushings, allowing you to run a more standard setup in you trucks. A Cone on the top (roadside) and a Barrel on the bottom (boardside) will give you a turny, responsive ride, that’s also able to hold a bit of speed if you want. Most longboard trucks come set up this way, so the Carve kit is the best way to upgrade your trucks to the premium Sabre Bushing formula.

The Speed Bushing Kit consists of four Barrel Bushings and four Cup Washers to fit them. By pouring our renowned bushing formula in a barrel shape and capturing it in a cup washer, you can dial your trucks in for high speed stability with excellent response and lean when you need it.

Once you’ve chosen your Kit, you can select your durometer to match your preferred riding style and weight.

You can still buy our bushings in pairs as before – click here to see the whole longboard bushing lineup!

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