Longboard Bushing Footstops – Available Now

Sabre Trucks


The best ideas are always simple and effective.

A lot of pro downhill and freeride skaters use footstops, primarily to keep their front foot on the deck during high-speed toeside slides, or to provide a location point in tuck.

We’ve put together a kit that allows you to make a simple footstop from one of our longboard bushings.

Like deck concave, footstops are a very personal thing. With that in mind, you have three shape options from our footstops, based on the shape of our bushings – Cone, Barrel or Kingcone.

The Cone, run upside-down, is the smallest but also the most aggressive shape, as you can wedge your foot in underneath the footstop.

The Barrel is a standard shape, easy enough to locate, giving a little extra traction just where you need it most.

The Kingcone is the biggest shape, offering a footstop that’s easy to find, and easy to “escape” from if you need to bail.

We’re not claiming to have reinvented the wheel or anything here – just created a cheap, simple and effective product that makes a real difference to the things you can do on your longboard.

Choose your footstop shape here…

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