Forged Mk2 is here!

Sabre Trucks


We are proud to finally introduce the second iteration of our Forged Trucks!

The Forged Precision Race and Forged Precision Freeride trucks are available now.

Both use the new Mk2 Forged Hanger, which improves on the original Sabre Forged Hanger (which was the world’s first forged longboard hanger) in two key areas:

1 – Strength.

The Mk2 Hanger is 90% stiffer than Mk1.

That’s almost double the stiffness. Which means it’s basically twice as hard to bend.

We’ve put a lot of road miles in on Mk1. We’ve bent a few sets via some destruction testing in the workshop. And we’ve run the hanger through some extensive FEA  (finite element analysis) in CAD software.

Using all this info, we’ve added a mere 20 grams of 6061 Aluminium to the hanger body, and almost doubled its strength.

Increasing the stiffness does more than improving durability. A stiffer hanger flexes less under your weight and force input, which translates to better response and tracking at speed.

If you managed to bend a set of Mk1’s,  this is the solution you have been waiting for.

2 – The Pivot

The Mk2 Forged Hanger sees a very subtly redesigned pivot shape.

Several of us – most notably Jorge and Pete – have found the old Mk1 Pivot a little tricky to set up at times. The Mk1 pivot had a draft on it – that is to say, it was 0.5mm wider at the base, and narrower at the tip.

This meant that under pressure at higher speeds, the Mk1 pivot sometimes suffered from pivot “binding”, as the hanger pivot was not free to turn as smoothly in the pivot cup.

The new Mk2 hanger sees a switch to a totally cylindrical pivot body. This keeps the pivot moving smoothly in the pivot cup at all times, not matter how much vertical or sideload is put through the truck by an aggressive skater.

The new Mk2 pivot is compatible with all previous baseplates and pivot cups – it just turns better.

Mk2 Forged Baseplate

In addition to these hanger changes, we’ve also made a change to the kingpin an kingpin interface of the MK2 Forged 38 Degree Race Baseplate.

Mk1 was a splined kingpin. Mk2 is a precision-fit “bolt style” kingpin.

The new design of baseplate supports the kingpin with almost double the surface area compared to the old design. It’s also not relying on splines to keep everything steady.

This means that Mk2 is far less prone to developing kingpin wobble, which can lead to a snapped kingpin. It also means that you can replace the new kingpins way easier with pretty much any standard 3/8ths UNC bolt you desire, as long as it’s long enough.

We’ve been shipping the Mk2 baseplate for some time now, but now it’s finally built into a truck “officially,” it makes sense to highlight the change we’ve made.

Ten Years…

The Mk2 is the result of a hell of a lot of skating and engineering. 2018 is our tenth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to bring you our most refined trucks to date.

More info on the trucks here:

Forged Precision Race

Forged Precision Freeride trucks 

Mk2 Forged Hanger

Mk2 Forged 38 Baseplate

Watch this space for more updates soon!

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