Raw Run #1

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Pierre is getting himself ready for summer with some training runs at his backyard spot. Rocking a 48 white lite baseplate up front and a 38* forged basplate at the rear with both on 190mm Forged precision hangers, Pierre has now found his ultimate setup.

Geewizz Run

Sabre Trucks


How do Swiss mountian passes compare to those in New Zealand? Jules Hornung knows… and trusts our Forged Precisions to hold lines on both.

The Forged Precision will soon be available in 180mm as well as 190mm width… more info soon.

Longboardskate blogspot review

Sabre Trucks


French blog has been testing and reviewing our cast and forged precision trucks this year.

 blog spot pic 2

It seems he has quite enjoyed them especially when he tried the 38 / 48 split angle setup on 170mm hangers.

blogspot pic 1

 To read his review in full visit his blog here

Top Gun Raw Run

Sabre Trucks


Anyone who has seen Justin Readings skate knows that he is more than just a pretty face and long flowing locks; in fact, that flow and style can be seen whenever he gets on a skateboard (even when the mane is covered by a noggin protector). This raw run deep in the Oregonian wilderness is perfect evidence of Justin’s polished and agile manner that he employs when attacking the black top. Enjoy this two minutes of raw, yet refined, skateboarding to get you hyped for the next speed fix.

Cast in Blue

Sabre Trucks


Justin Readings hits some local spots on his Sabre Cast Precisions.

Be sure to check out our friends at Switchback Longboards!

Sabre Cast Precision Trucks – 170mm with 48 degree plates
Rayne Longboards – Kyle Wester proto
Rayne Wheels – 70mm 78a Lust
Boardyard Helmets
Prana Apparel

Music: Du Lu Du – Bocce Avacado

Introducing the New Standard

Sabre Trucks


The Sabre Trucks “Standard” is our do-everything longboard truck. Now in it’s sixth year of production and development, this 48 degree truck has a number of features that set it apart from the rest…

  • Gravity Cast Hanger


    True Gravity Casting from A356/LM25 Aluminium and post-cast T-6 heat
    treatment process gives our hangers strength and stiffness that belies
    their sleek looks and light weight. Trucks you can trust to survive the
    abuse you dish out. More info here!

  • Urethane Pivot Cups


    Poured from the same chemistry as our bushings, Sabre Pivots
    are a custom fit and super-snug on the hanger for a slop-free,
    super turny ride. More info here!

  • 4130 Hardened Steel Axle


    Heat treated prior to casting to ensure that bending is minimised,
    this axle starts straight and will stay that way.

  • Tried and tested geometry


    With 180mm or 190mm widths, 48 degree baseplate angle and 4.5mm of rake, this truck is nigh-on perfect for all kinds of longboarding. Our geometry has been dialled in over many years and thousands of road miles, we guarentee you will feel the difference… Check out our Geometry Guide for more!

  • Faced Hangers


    We hope this is very much a standard feature on longboard trucks these days, we were one of the first to face our hangers and we still do, keeping your bearings straight and true.

  • 8 Hole Baseplate

    Fitting a new or old-school drill pattern, eight holes
    allows up to 20mm wheelbase adjustment.

Available in skateshops everywhere now…

Qui and Yannick go RAV 4

Sabre Trucks


Yannick Galdow and Quirin Ilmer were lent a Toyata RAV 4 for some filming… Dooooope!

Thanks to Emanuele Caruso , Mirko Paoloni , Robert Cornelis , Dominik Sponring and Antonia for filming and driving.

Thanks also to Toyota for the car!

Skate Trippin

Sabre Trucks


The French Alps were in many ways the birthplace of “modern” downhill skateboarding over a decade ago. Right now there is a new generation of rippers coming up… Our friends Jules Horning and Pierre Hardillier on a road trip with Fulkit Skateboards and 9.81 to produce this record of life on the road in a skate bus across the heart of Europe.

Fulkit Skateboards
Cult Wheels
Gravity Boardshop
B2 Longboards