Gravity Casting

Despite the hype from other brands, we are one of very few truck manufacturers to use Gravity Casting.

Sabre Gravity Cast

This is a specific casting process that allows the use of a stronger Aluminium alloy, a denser cast with fewer air bubbles, and a much cleaner surface finish.

Gravity casting is quite different to Pressure (Die) Casting used by many longboard truck manufacturers. It is more expensive to produce as fewer trucks can be made on a “tree” (which is why Sabre Cast trucks cost more), but allows the use of stronger aluminium alloys, with fewer air bubbles. The result is a stronger, less brittle finished truck.

Molten Aluminium is hand-poured into the mould – as opposed to pressure casting where molten metal is injected into the mould under pressure. The mould is then inverted, allowing the pull of gravity to fill the mould cavities with molten metal. The end result is a strong, consistent cast right through the truck.

Gravity cast skateboard trucks can be cast using sand moulds (“Sand Casting”) or heat-treated steel moulds. We use Steel Moulds – a more expensive option, but we feel the precision finish that is attained is worth the extra cost. Areas that require high tolerances (baseplate pivots and kingpin holes, hanger faces etc) are CNC’d to give a precise fitting after heat treatment.

Gravity casting allows us to use super-strong A356/LM25 aluminium alloy, not the less viscous (and weaker) A380/LM24 aluminium which is used for pressure casting.

We’re still more expensive than other cast trucks out there, but if you’re sick of bending your trucks, you’ll notice the difference.

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    Compare the finish... Gravity cast, Sand Cast and Die/pressure cast trucks.

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