The fastest trucks in the world…

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UK Teamrider Pete Connolly is the first person to go over 90MPH on a skateboard in history.

This clip shows a morning warm up run, trying out the new line that enabled him to clock a new world speed record of 91mph / 146kph.

Pete has been instrumental in the development of Sabre trucks from the beginning.

He smashed the previous speed record on a pair of Sabre Forged MK2 Race trucks, which have been in development and testing for some time now.

Watch this space for updates on these trucks… soon…

In the meantime, check out L’Ultime Descente for more crazy speeds!

Longboard Bushing Footstops – Available Now

Sabre Trucks


The best ideas are always simple and effective.

A lot of pro downhill and freeride skaters use footstops, primarily to keep their front foot on the deck during high-speed toeside slides, or to provide a location point in tuck.

We’ve put together a kit that allows you to make a simple footstop from one of our longboard bushings.

Like deck concave, footstops are a very personal thing. With that in mind, you have three shape options from our footstops, based on the shape of our bushings – Cone, Barrel or Kingcone.

The Cone, run upside-down, is the smallest but also the most aggressive shape, as you can wedge your foot in underneath the footstop.

The Barrel is a standard shape, easy enough to locate, giving a little extra traction just where you need it most.

The Kingcone is the biggest shape, offering a footstop that’s easy to find, and easy to “escape” from if you need to bail.

We’re not claiming to have reinvented the wheel or anything here – just created a cheap, simple and effective product that makes a real difference to the things you can do on your longboard.

Choose your footstop shape here…

Longboard chilling in the south of France.

Sabre Trucks


Check out this edit  Sabre team rider Fayah Bob with  his Sabre cast precision 170’s and his  bro Lucas Poulain in the south of France on this super fun spot chilling together while the sun rises. These buddies have been skating together for over 5 years and you can feel it in their skating, close and fast.


Jorge Pernes – Welcome to the team

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We are stoked to announce that we have just added Portuguese ripper Jorge Pernes to the Sabre Trucks team. Anyone that knows or has seen Jorge skate knows he is a total shredder,  with a full all-out balls to the wall approach to DH skating.  He is hooked on the Forged 38 Baseplate combined  the Forged Precision 170mm Hanger, the perfect combo for holding grip in high speed sweepers. Low Angle = Mega Lean!!

Joachpass with Matt Elver

Sabre Trucks


Matt has been having a great year with his Forged Precision Sabres. His focus has shifted from racing and competing to just getting out to free skate as much as possible. This has given him the opportunity to go to some awesome freerides. He told us hitting Joachpass was a long time dream…one that he has now realised. Why was it such a dream spot well  it’s 7km long and 104 corners you do the maths. Watch the edit to see just how much fun it was.