Introducing our longboard TKP or “Street” truck – the truck the longboard world has been waiting for for years. No more need to bodge different brand hangers and baseplates together – our unique take on a decades old design allows the use of full size bushings top AND bottom for maximum lean and a super low ride height. Featuring the same adjustable wheelbase as our forged baseplate, and 153, 170 and 180mm widths available, you will find a truck perfect for your cruiser, freeride, pool, street or even downhill setup.


  • Longboard-specific TKP (Traditional KingPin) Geometry
  • 153, 170 and 180mm Hanger Widths
  • 51mm Axle Height
  • 8 Hole drill pattern allows up to 46mm wheelbase adjustment (with double old-school mount)
  • Hardened 4130 Cro-Mo Solid steel axle and Grade 8 kingpin
  • Works with 16mm (Sabre standard) cone or barrel bushings top and bottom
  • Chamfered baseplate to reduce stress cracks
  • Standard Sabre Pivot Cup
  • Supplied with Sabre H-TYPE bushings.

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